Why I Opted For A GIANT Planner

Why I Opted for A GIANT Planner | Breezing Through-1

Why I Opted for A GIANT Planner | Breezing Through-2

Why I Opted for A GIANT Planner | Breezing Through-3

Why I Opted for A GIANT Planner | Breezing Through-4

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I have to have a physical planner. As a millennial (disgusted face) I know it’s so bizarre that I don’t keep everything on my phone. One of the things I have learned about my ADHD is that I need to have everything written down in order for me to get it done. To Do lists are my jam. Everything is color coded based on what the task is related to – i.e. work, blogging, personal to do. You can read more about how I organize/use my planner here.

I have been buying the same kate spade new york planner for the last two years. I love the 17-month lay out and how much I could put in on one day. That is until this year when kate spade released these GIANT planners. I waffled back and forth a little bit before I decided that I was going to try it out. I figured that if it was too big when it arrived, I would just send it back. It turns out I fell in love with this large planner. It is the size of a notebook I used in college but I love how much I can put in each day and how much more organized I am with it. I can literally write EVERYTHING down and I don’t have to add any sticky notes or pieces of paper when I run out of space (because I won’t).

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