What To Wear To Thanksgiving











There are so many options for what to wear for Thanksgiving. Everyone has different traditions and therefore different dress codes. I love this look because it is so easy to dress up or down. Lately, I have been wearing lots of sneakers because they don’t make my ankles swell like all of my boots do (insert monkey covering eyes emoji here). These suede shoes form UGG are some of my new favorites. They are incredibly comfy and easy to wear all day. For those of you that aren’t pregnant or want to dress up this look, you can add boots or booties and have a very polished look. 

This year for thanksgiving, my family is going out to dinner. If you don’t know about my family’s thanksgiving traditions you can read more about the way we do it here. We do still cook turkey, potatoes, stuffing and all of the other good stuff but not usually on thanksgiving day. I feel like this is a lot less stressful and I don’t feel as obligated to eat as much!

What are your thanksgiving traditions? 

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