What to Wear to A Wedding

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I have a lot of weddings this Fall and Winter! It took lots of time and energy to hunt down the right dress for each even so I wanted to share with you what I found. You may recognize a few of these picks from my NSale Series: Fitting Room Diaries post, which is where you can find pictures of me actually wearing them. I have broken this up into several sections so you can browse anyway you want. Every wedding is different and what you wear to each wedding is based on the venue and the invitation.


Outside weddings can be hard. You want to wear something that looks good but you also have to prepare for the elements. You don’t want to wear something that won’t do well if it is stained.


I love Fall weddings. They are cool enough that you aren’t dying of heat stroke but also not freezing! I have two Fall weddings to go to this year so this was an important section for me!


Winter weddings can also be difficult. Finding something that is cute and appropriate but is also warm enough can be tricky.

Black Tie/Formal

Very few people have black tie weddings anymore (in my experience) but you always want to be prepared!

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