What Is In My Road Trip Bag


I will admit that this post was supposed to go up on Monday. It even went up for a few hours and then I realized I hadn’t finished it and I wasn’t going to so I pushed it back to today. I had some kind of bug on Monday and I am pretty sure getting sick when you are pregnant is 100 times worse than before. Even a small headache can seem like the end of the world because you can’t take anything for it other than Tylenol.

Anyway, we went on two road trips in the last month so I figured it was time for a “What is in my bag?” post. I have looked high and low for the exact version of this Rebecca Minkoff bag but I have yet to find it. I bought it last Fall from Hautelook during one of their sales. I love how big the bag is and it’s perfect for longer car rides where I don’t feel the need to zip up my purse.

When I bought my new camera, I bought this bag insert so that I didn’t have to buy a new camera bag. All of the cute ones are a bit expensive and I do care what my bags looks like. So I went with this option. I love that it fits in most of my bigger bags so I can protect my camera everywhere I go. I love this laptop cover. If you know me personally at all, you know that I usually have glitter on me. Having a glitter laptop cover was the obvious choice! I always carry both sunglass and my prescription glasses so I can drive when needed. MY kate spade new york wallet usually only shows up during their Surprise Sales so I have linked the zipper version below. Once I switched to this wallet, I was hooked. I initially only used it for traveling but it slowly became my every day wallet too. I found this awesome mesh bag at the dollar section of Target and it is perfect to keep all of my cords in. I always take my wall adapter because you never know how many outlets a room will have!

I usually had snacks in my purse before I was pregnant but now its so I don’t get too hangry. I love these Gluten Free peanut butter crackers, they almost taste like Ritz crackers. That nasty metallic taste that comes with pregnancy is a constant for me. I now carry Lifesavers with me to make sure I can get rid of the nasty taste, even if it is only for a few minutes.

I have linked everything I could find below! Let me know if this is something you are interested in and I can do a regular, What Is In My Purse post too!

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