What Is In My Hospital Bag

What Is In My Hospital Bag

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There are so many different lists of what you should and shouldn’t bring to the hospital when you are having a baby. Your specific hospital will provide certain things but you need to check with them to make sure what those things are. We were told what our hospital provided when we took the hospital tour.

One of the things I have read about the most is to make sure you have comfy clothes with you to change into after you deliver. Something you aren’t 100% attached to (or you can easily replaced) but is incredibly comfortable. I found these PJs from Target about a month ago and they are they softest things I have every worn. I have worn them around the house a few times just to make sure I loved them, and I might have to go buy another set if something happens to these! A friend told me that the one thing I should bring with me to the hospital was warm socks with traction on the bottom. I wasn’t sure about it at first but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. Hospitals are cold. The floors are gross. You have to walk from your hospital bed to the bathroom (I don’t want to even thing about what is on those floors!). So I bought two pairs of cute fuzzy socks from Target and I think that will be enough.

I have heard mixed things about taking a robe to the hospital. I love this one, and I decided to pack it anyway. I would rather have it in my bag and not use it then want it. I have had multiple hospital procedures and I hate hospital gowns. I hate how they open in the back and they are itchy. So I will have this robe if I want it.

I, of course, have packed my Tula moisturizer and face wash. I have relied heavily on these during this pregnancy, I can’t stop using them now! I have my usual makeup and toiletries packed as well so that I have them if I want them. I have read a lot about this New Bottom Bum Spray and how great it is for new moms. I will be sure to let you know if it’s worth buying.

I have also packed some maternity underwear, mostly to go home in. Our hospital provides underwear for after delivery so I am not worried about that while we are there.

I do have an outfit packed for baby girl to take her home in, as well as a swaddle/headband to take some initial pictures in.

Only a few more weeks (or less) before her arrival now. I have a feeling she will be arriving early though so I am glad I have this bag packed now!

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