What I have Learned From Blogging

When I started my little corner of the Internet, I had a small understanding of what I was getting into. I had done a lot of research first and I felt like I knew how to navigate the blogging community and I could at least be somewhat successful in what I wanted to do.  I was so wrong!

1. I thought I knew all about taking pictures! Turns out, I am horrible at it! I have had a nice DSRL camera for awhile now and I have come to realize I never took pictures and the pictures I took were terrible. I have learned how to take much better Instagram pictures and pictures with my DSLR. I have come to discover the significance of lighting and time of day and all of the different aspects of taking a good picture. I have learned to take more pictures. For awhile, I would take about 10 pictures of the same thing because I wanted to make sure I got a good picture. This resulted in about 500 pictures after two days and made editing take forever. Now, I am taking only one or two pictures of one thing but I am making sure they are good pictures!

2. I thought I knew about content. In the last year I have gotten a lot better at content. For awhile, I was just throwing things together and hoping that someone would like it. Now, I realize that you all want good content, even if it doesnt come regularly. I am trying to make sure all of my posts are full of interesting information and fun places. I ran out of content fast. I realized I needed to sit down and brainstorm every few weeks to make sure I had enough content for the month. I came to realize that I had some great resources at my fingertips who had some great content! I hope you are all enjoying the new contributors, they will be adding a lot more the blog. I will updating the about page soon to include them!

3. I have learned to schedule! With all of the traveling, moving, and life I have found that I am all too often writing a post at 6 am so it is ready to post at 8 am. I am not a fan of this…at all! So I am trying a lot harder to have posts scheduled at least two weeks out so that I can work on more posts and not have to rush. I try to have pictures taken well in advance and have a few “extra” posts that I keep in my drafts just in case I run out of ideas!

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What I have Learned From Blogging | Breezing Through

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  1. July 8, 2015 / 8:50 am

    Great post 🙂 And I am seriously crushing on that passport holder!!!

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