What I Have Been Reading This Pregnancy




Being 100% honest, I have not done a ton of reading this pregnancy. I probably should be reading a lot more and I will as we get closer to her due date, but I am trying really hard NOT to freak myself out. Every time I get too into a topic regarding the baby, I end up giving myself a ton of anxiety so I have decided it is better to just take everything as it comes.

I have been using the app The Bump, which has been just the right amount of information to keep me sane (this is not sponsored, I just love this app!). I love that I can read about how Baby Girl is progressing each week and what I can expect both from her and my body. The Husband loves that Baby Girl is compared to different foods in size each week and every Sunday asks me what the new food is. One of the coolest features of the app is being able to see what the baby looks like in utero. The 3D image give a really good idea of how Baby is progressing

There are also tons of articles on the app and the website about pregnancy. You can dig until you drive yourself crazy or you can just look at a few at a time, which is my preference

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