UppaBaby Vista Stroller & Mesa Car Seat Review

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First off, this is not sponsored. I bought the UppaBaby stroller on my own and I received the car seat as a baby shower gift. I did a lot of research before I bought a stroller. I knew that Black Friday would be a good time to buy so I made sure I also factored in discounted cost into my research. I knew I only wanted one stroller. I am not a runner so I didn’t need a jogging stroller. With family all over the country, I wanted something that was light and was also a good travel system. We are planning on having more kids so I wanted something that could carry more than one child. Lastly, I wanted something that looked good (not the most important but it was on my list).

With all of that in mind, I found the Uppababy Vista stroller. There are several other Uppababy strollers but the Vista is what checked all of the boxes on my list. This is one of the only strollers that I have seen that comes with 2 seats. The bassinet is great for a newborn and you can upgrade baby to the rumbler seat when they begin pulling themselves up out of the bassinet.You can add attachments and have two seats on the stroller at once, without losing the basket underneath (which is rare for a multi-seat stroller). When you aren’t using the stroller, it folds flat and will actually stand on its on (no leaning it against walls).

The Mesa Car Seat has a high safety rating and is so easy to install! It seriously took me 5 minutes to install the base and I was 8 months pregnant at the time. The car seat comes with the infant insert so you don’t have to worry about your newborn not fitting. The car seat fits right onto the stroller, making it a great travel system.

While the stroller is fairly basic (no cup holder or snack tray) you can buy lots of accessories to add to your stroller. I received the cup holder as a baby gift and I plan on buying the snack tray soon. My favorite accessory is something you can see Jordan riding on in the pictures. The ride along board< allows you to carry up to 3 kids on this stroller. And as Jordan put it, it is so much fun! /p>

This stroller is one of the more expensive ones out there (not as much as the Stokke and I think you get a lot for your money), but in my opinion it is worth it! I bought ours on Black Friday from Nordstrom, which I believe is the only time it goes on sale, and it was $200 off. If you are looking for a stroller that does it all, this is it!

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