UAE: Tour of Old Dubai

Happy New Year!! I love a new year. It’s fresh and ready for you to set goals you will never accomplish. Kidding. I don’t actually do New Years resolutions. I never have. I decided a long time ago that if I was going to change anything about myself or do anything differently, there wasn’t much point in waiting until the new year to make those changes. Do you make New Years resolutions?

After we touched down from our sea plane flight from Abu Dhabi to Dubai, we got on a boat and went tonI,d Dubai. While the United Arab Emirates is still a fairly young country (established in 1973), Dubai has been a center for trade and commerce for much longer. The UAE has done a really good job of keeping that old side of Dubai alive. The old spice and gold souks are still thriving. You can walk through both of the, and get an amazing sense of walking into the last while being in the present.



Breezing Through

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