Top 5 Favorite Places I Traveled in 2016

Top Sail Island, North Carolina

Top Sail Island | Breezing Through 30

Top Sail Island | Breezing Through 3

Top Sail Island | Breezing Through 8

Top Sail Island | Breezing Through 6




I think I have made it pretty clear how much I love Top Sail Island. I feel like it’s the Outer Banks without all of the people. We went twice this year and I can’t wait to go back again. It is my new happy place.

Spring Break at Top Sail Island

My Favorite Beach On Earth

Zebra Stripes

Warsaw, Poland

Red Dress | Breezing Through Instagram 12

Blue Dress | Breezing Through Instagram 7

Floral Dress | Breezing Through-17

Cupriak | Breezing Through-18

Cupriak | Breezing Through-24

Brama | Breezing Through 7

Dinner | Breezing Through-25

Dinner | Breezing Through-30

White Dress | Breezing Through-11

We had so much fun in Poland this year. So many fun memories and lots of new things. I love the opportunities I have by being a conference organizer and the places I get to go and things I get to do because of it.

The Comfiest Dress You’ll Ever Travel In

Where to Eat in Old Town Warsaw

Everything Is Coming Up Roses

Shopping Local Designers When You Travel

Restaurant U FUKIERA Featured in The Michelin Guide 2016

The Perfect LWD

Boston, Massachusetts

Photo Apr 05, 3 14 20 PM

Quick Trip to Boston | Breezing Through 3

I had only been to Boston one other time, my honeymoon, so this was really fun. I was only there for three days but I had a ton of fun!

Quick Trip To Boston

Boston Marriott Cambridge Hotel

Vienna, Austria

Nacht Markt | Breezing Through 8

Nacht Markt | Breezing Through 21

Vienna | Breezing Through 70

Henri Bendel Bag | Breezing Through 3

IRSH | Breezing Through 4

I loved being in Vienna because I was there with my dad. He was born in Vienna so he feels like it is his home. He finds a reason to go there at least twice a year. It was great having him there to take me to all of the touristy and not so touristy places.


Nacht Markt

Henri Bendel Convertible Backpack

Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel

Ancenis, France

Ancenis | Breezing Through 11

Ancenis | Breezing Through 13

Ancenis | Breezing Through 32

This was one of the random places we didn’t plan on going to but decided to just visit because we were near by. It is such a beautiful town, very French countryside.

Ancenis, France

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