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Next week marks 2 years of blogging on Breezing Through. A lot has happened in the last 2 years and the blog has changed a lot too! Since there has been so much change, I wanted to take the time to (re)introduce you to the Breezing Through team.

Paris, Dan and I all work together every day, so we are pretty close. We travel together as a team to attend conferences so we have a lot of time together when we aren’t just working. Breezing Through came about after several years of traveling together and realizing we had something to share with the rest of the world.

Dan and Paris grew up traveling and they made sure I did to. My grandfather, Paris and Dan’s dad, is from Germany so we have always had a connection there. My dad was born in Austria and was the kid of a diplomat so traveling is in my blood. We went to Europe a lot when I was small and we were never allowed to check bags. If we couldn’t carry it on the plane, it wasn’t going with us. So I learned at a young age how to be a master packer. I once packed a trash can in my carry-on, when I moved out to college.

Paris runs three businesses so she always has a reason to be on the move. Between meetings, conferences and other events, she travels a lot. She has spent a lot of time perfecting the art of organizing herself with traveling. She has the most organized suitcase of anyone I know, and she always knows where everything is.

Dan is the foodie. He has this gift that many people are in awe of. Between his own travels and watching too much Anthony Bourdain, Dan can tell you the best place to eat almost anywhere in the world. We tested this out when The Husband and I were dating. We went to Boise to visit his family and Dan told us of a great place to eat called Ephie’s in Meridian. The Husband had never heard of it but we tried it out anyway. It was amazing! Dan had only been to Boise maybe once or twice. He just knows about the best places to eat! If you are looking for any recommendations, send us a message and we will see what Dan can do to help!

I hope you have enjoyed learning little more about us! I have updated the Contributors page of the site so you can learn more about us there too! Thank you all for reading along and being a part of Breezing Through over the last two years!

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