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We have had a really warm Fall here, and it is finally starting to get cool around here. We took these pictures when we were in Illinois when we ate at the Blue Boar.

I found this cape/shawl/scarf in the accessories section of Target and I had to take it home with me. It’s so soft and cozy, it screams comfortable. This seems to be my go to outfit right now. I admit I am wearing maternity pants here, I decided to just break down and buy a few pairs instead of buying new pants in a bigger size. But they are comfy. I love wearing a big cardigan over my outfits right now so I can wrap myself up if I am feeling self conscious, or I am just cold! I am in such a weird stage between showing and not showing. I feel like this was the first time the baby belly really started to show. People keep telling me that I am still really little and they can’t tell I am pregnant, but I feel like either none of my clothes fit or the baby belly shows in all of my clothes. But we found out the baby’s sex on Saturday and I can’t wait to share it with you all! I will make sure it is a full bump date post too!

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