Staying Cozy While Pregnant









I realized a few weeks ago that winter was coming and my pjs didnt fit. Most things don’t fit now but I’m adapting. 

So I went on a hunt for some new pjs that would work. Did you know that finding cute maternity PJs is pretty much impossible!? Luckily for all of you, the ones I found are just regular pjs that I sized up so they would fit. My go to lance for pjs is H&M. They are soft, not too warm and also a good price point. I know have this set of pjs in three different patterns. I put them in as soon as I get home from work most days. 

I chose this set for this post because 1)Christmas is coming! and 2) I love where Santa’s beard hits on the baby bump. You can shop all of my favorite sets in the widget below. 

Since it is Cyber Monday, I have rounded up all of the amazing sales going on on the Cyber Monday Page

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