Second Trimester Update


I can’t believe this is the end of my second trimester! This pregnancy has been flying by and I don’t feel like I am anywhere near ready for Baby Girl to get here…there is so much left to do! At the same time, I am ready to hold this little girl in my arms and love her to pieces, being a mom is very conflicting! So here is my second trimester update!

How Far Along: I am now 28 weeks (six months for those of you who would rather track it that way!). I can’t believe the second trimester is over and we are heading into the home stretch!

Food Cravings: I really haven’t been craving a lot of foods. Every now and then I will get a passing craving for a food/dish I have eaten at one point in my life. Sometimes I can get my hands on it and sometimes I can’t or won’t because it is not gluten free. The cravings to usually pass though if I wait a little while.

Baby Gender: Still a little girl!

Baby Name: We have been sharing the baby name with family and friends but I am keeping her name off the Internet until she gets here.

Baby Movement: This little girl is constantly moving. Her feet on positioned right on my bladder which causes a lot of bathroom stops. I noticed her mostly when I am holding still but now everyone is the family can feel her moving. I haven’t noticed her doing anything too odd. Except every now and then it feels like she is trying to get out!

Sleep: I am still rocking it when it comes to sleeping. I have an awesome pregnancy pillow which helps a lot, I notice I sleep better when I do have it.

Maternity Clothes: Over the second trimester I did pick up a few more maternity clothes, but I am still trying to just buy a few sizes up of what I would normally buy in regular clothes so I don’t have a bunch of maternity clothes I may or may not be able to wear again. I will be talking a lot more about this on Wednesday.

Weight Gain: I have now gained 20 pounds. After a first trimester of not eating a lot and really avoiding sweets, I made up for it in the second trimester.

What I’ve Purchased: The biggest thing I bought this trimester was the stroller. I found a really good deal on it on Black Friday and I am so glad I didn’t wait. From all the research I did, it was the best sale of the year on this stroller, at 20% off, so I feel like I made a good decision.


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