Amelia Island: The Salty Pelican

The Salty Pelican is an indoor/outdoor seafood bar and grill with seating available both upstairs and downstairs. The group ahead of us elected not to stay because there was no seating upstairs on the patio. We had heard the food was too good to pass up so we elected to sit downstairs and inside by the bar. Besides, we melt in the heat and humidity so we really wanted inside seating even though we might be compromising on the view somewhat.

We still had views of the water and a nice breeze. But we also had the benefits of air conditioning and with Florida humidity, we prefer viewing from inside.

Amelia Island: The Salty Pelican | Breezing Through

Amelia Island: The Salty Pelican | Breezing Through
The server was at our table in a matter of seconds –a minute tops. Our drinks were served in plastic cups. My soda water had both a lemon and a lime… First time ever I have had that kind of variety and never would have thought to ask.

Amelia Island: The Salty Pelican | Breezing Through

I told our server about my wheat intolerance and she helped with several suggestions. I settled on the seafood of the day as a sandwich, grilled, no bread of course, with a side of veggies because everything else was mac and cheese, beans and rice, slaw, or deep fried. I would have loved a mashed potato option but they didn’t have one.

The spouse had the Jamaican pork tenderloin kabobs with red peppers, onions, and a pineapple glaze, grilled and served with a side of choice. He picked onion rings. I tried a bite of his pork and pineapple and it was delicious.

Having sampled both entrees I would find it difficult to decide which to select next time we visit. Both were outstanding.

Amelia Island: The Salty Pelican | Breezing Through

The spouse says we cannot visit Florida and not try the Key Lime pie at least once. Since I cannot eat the crust or crust crumbs, ordering and eating glutinous desserts can be tricky. I told our server that if they cut the pie with two clean knives and are careful plating it, I can often eat a bite or two. She went to the kitchen and cut the piece herself and did a great job. The Key Lime pie was good but not as good as Meredith’s (one of the Spouse’s relatives). The Raspberry sauce, however, was divine. I could order a bowl of it next time and skip the pie.

This is a definite return trip and next time Dan the expert food critic will be with us. So look for his critical palate coming should we visit here again in August.


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