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Reverse Bucket List | Breezing Through

I first saw this reverse bucket list from Ali at Ali in Bloom and I thought it was a brilliant idea. I do have a list of places I want to travel to and things I want to do with my life but I feel like I do not celebrate the things I have done enough!

  • Graduate High School
  • Moved Out of State for college
  • Participated in the Disney College Program
  • Worked as a web designer (several times for different companies)
  • Got Married
  • Traveled to Europe
  • Traveled to the Middle East
  • Traveled to Africa
  • Traveled to the Caribbean
  • Traveled to Istanbul and seen the Hagia Sophia and been to Asia
  • Took The Husband to Disney World (twice already!)
  • Lived in a tiny apartment (South Carolina)
  • Found an apartment to live in, in one day (twice)
  • Worked full time (sometimes more than full time – 60-80 hour weeks) while working on my degree
  • Survived The Husband in law school (YAY)
  • Husband got a job right out of law school (this is much more competitive than you would think)
  • Work as an Event Planner
  • Started a business (yes I did!)
  • Organizer major International events from the opposite side of the world
  • Reached and maintained my goal weight
  • Live a healthy, wheat-free life
  • Dyed my hair
  • Dyed it back!
  • Donated my hair
  • Grew my hair back out
  • Up-cycled furniture
  • Bought a car
  • Survived a major car accident
  • Started a blog

And there are so many more! I can’t wait to add to my Reverse Bucket List!
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