Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel


When we were in Vienna, we stayed at the Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel. My parent’s have been staying at this hotel for years, for a lot of reasons.

  1. It is not in the 1st district, which means it is cheaper per night than the hotels in the 1st district.
  2. It is really nice! The bright coral colored building stands out in the 3rd district and is pretty easy to find with the Greek Orthodox church right behind it. The rooms have all been updated and if you are a Marriott Premier member, you have access to their lounge, which is one of the nicer ones.
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  3. It is right next to the train station. You can take the train from the airport to the hotel and only have to walk half of a block to get to the hotel. You then have access to the rest of the city from the train station.
  4. You can walk to the 1st Vienna really is a walking city. You can spend days walking down the streets, in awe of its beauty. Only 10 minutes from the Park, you can easily walk to all of the major attractions.

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If you are looking for a great place to stay in Vienna where you can save some money but you are not staying in a youth hostel!

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