Reading When Traveling

Usually when I travel, I like to take a good book with me. I got my first Kindle about three years ago and it made traveling with a book so much easier. I love that I can take so many books with me in a tiny little device. Now that I have my iPad, I read all of my books on the Kindle App. It is easy to use and it keeps track of the last page I was reading.

Read When Traveling-Breezing Through

An amazing book for you to read while you are traveling is Attrition by S.G. Night. This Fantasy novel is too big to carry around in its hard copy form (but you should buy one anyway!), so I read it on my Kindle App. I love how the author has created an entire new world, languages and races. His work is more like poetry than typical fantasy writers. The husband even read this book and really liked it. He only reads non-fiction! You can find a full bio and description of all of S.G. Night’s books on Self Publisher Showcase.

Reading When Traveling-Breezing Through

You can buy Attrition on your Kindle and read it where ever your travels take you. Be sure to like S.G. Night’s Facebook page for updates and info on when his next book is coming out!

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