Passing Along Family Heirlooms 

Passing AlongFamily Heirlooms

Passing Along Family Heirlooms-3

Passing Along Family Heirlooms-2

Being pregnant with the baby girl has made me think more about what I will be passing on to her.

I was very close with my paternal grandmother who passed away in 2009. As I grew up and after her death, I received jewelry for her that will always remind me of her.

One of those pieces was (to be 100% honest) a hideous ring that I never saw her wear and my dad never remembers seeing her wear once they moved back to the US when he was a kid. She bought the ring when she lived overseas. I never really knew what to do with it. It was a chunky gold band with sapphires and pearls scattered through it. I took it to one jeweler and they refused to work on it. So I held onto the ring for several years and waited. Last year, I found a jeweler near me that was willing to actually attempt to make something new of the ring. They melted down the gold and removed the sapphires and pearls. Because of the age of the ring, some of the sapphires were broken and unusable. But there were enough usable sapphires and pearls to recreate the ring to look like this. I was thrilled.

Not only does the ring actually look like something my grandmother would have actually worn, but now I have something to pass onto my baby girl (who is being named after her great grandmother). They will share a name, I am sure some personality traits and eventually this ring. I love that I have something to pass on that my little girl can pass onto her daughter too.

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