Our Kind of Thanksgiving

From 2002 to 2010, my family traveled for Thanksgiving. While everyone else in the country was traveling to see their relatives, we were going somewhere we hadn’t been before just for the experience. This first time we did this, we went to Chicago in 2002. Sadly I can’t get my hands on the pictures from every trip (they are archived somewhere on one of my dad’s devices but we have not been able to find all of them yet!).

London 2003: We spent a week in London and it was incredible. This was the first time I had ever been to London and it’s when I fell in love with the city. There was so much to do, so many food options and so many people! We did the Jack the Ripper walking tour one night, which was actually terrifying! We went to museums and took the Tube everywhere. We ended up eating Thanksgiving dinner at Lee Ho Fooks in SoHo. We didn’t even realize it was Thursday until halfway through dinner!

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Disney World 2007: We stayed at the Boardwalk Hotel on Disney Property. I love Disney around the holidays, they are already decorated for Christmas the week of Thanksgiving. We had so much fun on the rides and spending time together. We chartered a boat to watch the EPCOT fireworks from the lagoon, which is something I would recommend for everyone to do at some point. It was an incredible expereince and I will never forget it. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at the French Pavilion at EPCOT (I loved that park even then, who knew I would end up working there!). Dinner was delicious  and I have recommended the resturant to others for Thanksgiving as well.

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California 2009: My first year of college we met my parents in California for Thanksgiving. My aunt & uncle drove out to California from Utah and met us all there as well. It was so much fun having us all together. We decided to spend a day at Disney Land. This was my first time I had been to Disneyland, we had always gone to Disney World living on the East Coast. We ate dinner at Marie Calendar’s and it was delicious!

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Disney World 2010:  I was working at Disney World at the time so my family came down to Disney to do Thanksgiving with me. It was fun celebrating the holidays in Disney again. We also hosted a conference there the week after Thanksgiving. The attendees loved ever minute!

2010 Disney Thanksgiving 119 2010 Disney Thanksgiving 088 2010 Disney Thanksgiving 067

2015 Charleston: We had so much fun on this trip! We rented a house on Kiawah Island and spent tons of time together swimming in the pool and playing in the ocean! We ate at a local resturant (I won’t tell you where until I do a full blog post). Even though we are headed home today, we had so much fun!

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