Our Favorite Newborn Products

Every newborn and their parents are different. Now that Jackie is almost 7 weeks old (AHHHHH!) I wanted to share with you our favorite newborn products that have worked for us and why!

Favorite Newborn Products-2

4moms, mamaRoo

4moms, Infant Seat and Swing Insert

We LOVE our Mommaroo. I wasn’t sure about buying a swing that was so expensive that Jackie wasn’t guaranteed to like but we used a gift card and so far it has been worth it. Depending on the day, Jackie, spends 15 minutes to an hour in it. It is great if you baby loved motion and I love that I can use my phone to control it! I do reccommend getting the infant insert if you have a smaller baby. We didn’t have it and Jackie wasn’t able to hold her head up yet. Luckily Amazon Prime delivered it the next day, and we used it for the first month.

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Hanna Andersson Baby Little Sleepers With Feet In Organic Pima Cotton

I can’t say enough about these pajamas. They are so amazing I have been giving them as baby shower gifts! They are so soft and I love that they have the little mittens on the hands. I don’t love having mittens on Jackie’s hands usually but I think it is good at night when she is asleep. She is so cuddly in these! We love these so much, I have ordered them in the next size. I kinda wish they made an adult version.

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2017 VISTA Aluminum Frame Convertible Stroller with Bassinet & Toddler Seat

I wrote an entire blog post about why I love this travel system so I won’t bore you again. But if you are looking for a stroller and want one you can use for everything, this is it!

Angelcare Bath Support

I found this bath support while reading A Slice of Style, thank you Jenica! She uses them with her twins and I loved the concept so I put it on the baby registry. Jackie loves bath time and I think part of it has to do with this thing. We love it so much, I have bought a second one to keep at my parent’s house…

Comotomo Baby Bottle

I read a lot about these baby bottles and women who nurse and bottle feed love them.
I decided to try them out and I loved them. They heat up easier than other bottles and Jackie seems to like the nipple on them more.

Lalabu Soothe Shirt-4

Lalabu Soothe Shirt

I love this shirt. I want Jackie to stay small enough to be carried in this shirt forever. Sadly that won’t happen. There is an Indiegogo Campaignthat ends on Friday where you can get one of these shirts at a discount! They are collecting funds to make a baby wearing product for after newborn.

Favorite Newborn Products-1


Oh the Woombie. My sister-in-law sent this to us and Jackie HATED it at first. Then one night, she was done being swaddled with blankets but wouldn’t just go to bed. So we tried the Woombie again.
I have already ordered it in the next size so we have it when Jackie grows out of this one.

Puppy Pee Pads

I know this sounds weird. But I bought a 50 count pack of puppy pee pads during my third trimester because I was paranoid my water was going to break. So I slept on them, drove with them in my car, sat on them. I know, weird. But I didn’t use that many because my water never broke. I was talking to my cousin when she was visiting about how I didn’t know what to do with them know that Jackie was here. She suggested that I put them under her sheets in her bed and on her changing table. LIFE SAVER! I have done so much less laundry because of this. You can get up to 150 count in a package and even subscribe to have them sent to you every month. I have already ordered more because we are almost out. We use them every day!

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