Office Gallery Wall

Even though we are still looking for apartments, I have started curating the art for the gallery wall that will be in my office. I know it sounds ridiculous but I have only purchased things when they were on sale so it actually does make sense! I have a few peices already and I am looking at a few more, hopefully they will go on sale!

What I already have:

Brittany Fusion BlushCoat Print // Brittany Fusion BF Print // Disney’s EPCOT Skyline Watercolor//Disney’s Magic Kingdom Skyline Watercolor //Peonies & Vogue Print //Macaroon Part II Print// Home, James! Oh, the places you’ll go //Gold Glitter Clock (made by me, via Darby Smart: Clock, Paint, )

What I want (I actually have an entire board on Etsy dedicated to this!):

ThunderDoam Sleeping Beauty Water Color // HNIllustration Fancy Feet // ACD Shop Oscar Wilde You Can Never Be Overdressed Or Under Educated // HNIllustration Passport to Fabulous // Pretty ChicSF She Leaves A Little Sparkle Wherever She Goes // ThunderDoam Minnie Mouse Water Color // HNIllustration Pink City Tote // The Digital Studio Gold Foil Print The Best Is Yet To Come

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