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I am so excited to be sharing the nursery with you. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I began planning this room. Before we had confirmation that the baby would be a girl, I knew she would be. Let’s call it Mother’s intuition. So I started to clear out my office and began to gather everything we would need for Jackie’s room.

We already had the bookshelves I just needed to clear them off to make room for more storage. The baskets are from Target and HomeGoods. The closet in this room is my closet so there isn’t a lot of storage for Jackie’s clothes. I have her clothes stored in the baskets based on size. They are a lot bigger than they look so they offer a lot of storage. The other thing I did to make up for storage was hang the tension rode between the bookshelves. This allowed for a place to hang her clothes that needed to be hung up.

I made the bow holder that is on the wall above her changing table. Check back in for Friday’s post on how to make it!

I took these pictures before Jackie arrived and all of the stuff that is in her crib, is now in a basket next to it. I am pretty paranoid about having anything in her bed, I am very careful about making sure there isn’t anything near her.

So many of the things in her room come from my time working at Disney World, so it was easy to go with the Princess theme. I figured that this room will only be her nursery so I wasn’t worried about finding things I could use for future kids. The big thing for me was her crib. I wanted one that would convert into a toddler bed and later into a twin head and foot board. I am sure that this crib will be used for future children but I wanted to make sure once we were done having kids, the crib could still be used.

My favorite thing about her room is the rug. You can only see a corner of it in the pictures, but you will be seeing it more over time. I love how bright it is and that it adds a lot of color to the room.

Thanks for stopping by! We are loving every minute with our baby girl and I can’t wait to share her birth story with you soon.

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