Nsale Series: What to Buy The Men (Last Day of Early Access)

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 2.31.20 PM

1.‘Retro’ Coated Hooded Parka//2.Trim Fit Non-Iron Dress Shirt//3.‘Matrix 2’ Water-Resistant Jacket//4.Trim Fit Non-Iron Gingham Dress Shirt//5.‘Authentic Original’ Boat Shoe//6.‘Holton’ Venetian Loafer//7.‘Nohea’ Mesh Slip-On//8.Classic Wide Belt//9.‘Carouse’ Bifold Leather Wallet//10.
Leather Strap Watch, 42mm

You cannot forget about the man in your life when it comes to the #Nsale! We have already gotten a few of these for The Husband and he loves them. With walking around downtown and taking the metro around, shoes are very important. The Husband loves Ecco’s and they always have something included during the Anniversary Sale. He also got these mesh shoes but only after I kept telling him he would wear them all of the time. He didn’t believe me at first but now he wears them pretty much every weekend. A no-iron shirt is a must in my book. A dress shirt you can just pull out of the dryer and put on a hanger are the best!

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