Nsale Series: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, What I Actually Bought

File Jul 19, 3 13 01 PM


These are the first few things that came in the mail that I purchased. I LOVE these jeans. I have never found a pair of boyfriend jeans that I actually liked but these are perfection. I have already worn them several times! I am wearing a size 29. I saw this top on several other bloggers and thought it would be really cute. I thought it was really boxy on me and the sleeves were weird. I ended up returning this one. The booties were cute but very narrow and made my feet look even longer than they already are. I decided to return them too.

File Jul 19, 3 13 56 PM


I love these earrings. For $20 they were easily my best budget purchase of the sale. I have worn them all week!

File Jul 27, 3 00 42 PM


This top is amazing. It is soft and easy to layer but not too thin that it is really all that see through. I am wearing a size small.

File Jul 27, 3 00 13 PM


This Cardigan is one of the biggest hits of the Nordstrom Sale. It sold out really fast in a lot all of the colors they had. I really wanted to get it in the Camel but they only had the burgundy in stock. I love how it feels and the way it sits. And of course I love that it has pockets! I am wearing a size small.

File Jul 27, 3 02 19 PM


I ordered this cardigan before I was able to get the one above. I am not a fan. The fabric is really itchy. I decided to return it. I am wearing a size small.

File Jul 27, 3 00 27 PM


This poncho was one of my original picks but I wasn’t planning on buying it. Then I saw it in the store and it was the only one left. Once I tried it on, I was sold. This is a one size item.

File Jul 27, 3 00 57 PM


I really wanted to like this top and I was originally going to keep it. But the top a few pictures down stole my heart instead. This top is a little too see through for my liking. So it is going back. It is a size small.

File Jul 27, 3 01 12 PM


This top is another sale favorite, and it only available in a few colors now. I love how it feels and how long it is. I am wearing a size small. And this bag. Can we talk about how it’s only $32 on sale! This color is sold out but they have it in the blue.

File Jul 27, 3 24 33 PM


This top is the one I was telling you about. I thought it was going to be really similar to the Lush one that was the big hit of last year’s sale. That one was a lot more see through and light weight. This one is perfect for Fall and the perfect weight. I am ordering it in two more colors!

File Jul 27, 3 01 41 PM


This coat is amazing! I bought a purple Guess coat right before college to get me through the harsh Winters and it lasted until last year. I love the color of this one and it is VERY warm. I am wearing a size small, which runs a little large. I like my coats to be a little bigger so I can layer a lot underneath them.

Photo Jul 27, 2 47 29 PM


I saved these boots for last because they deserved their own dedicated picture. I feel like these are the most comfortable and underrated boots of the sale. I am a sucker for a good pair of snow boots but have yet to find a pair of duck boots that don’t look my feet look more giant than they already are. So when I put these on and the cream color somehow made my feet look smaller, I was sold! They will be perfect for cooler Fall days.

Photo Jul 27, 2 47 06 PM


I originally tried to buy these booties in khaki. I ordered them through the store and my order was canceled the next day. Then I saw them online and tired to order them. The order was canceled the next day. This happened two more times before I gave up. I am bitterly disappointed and am hoping Nordstrom will restock them in my size eventually since they are a Nordstrom Exclusive. When I saw these online, I decided they would be a good compromise. These booties are darling. They have just the right height heel and are incredibly comfortable. I am going to pair them with this dress for a wedding in October.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post! I have been trying to make sure I post enough, but not too much, about the sale. I am going to be posting about my under $50 picks next week. If you want me to post about anything specific about the sale, leave me a comment!

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