Nsale Series: Fitting Room Diaries

File Jul 23, 9 12 57 PM

I am not one to go to a store to shop anymore. I love that I can buy 90% of the things I want online from my couch in my PJs at 10 pm and have them shipped to my door. However, with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Paris and I decided it would be a good idea to go a try a few things on. We are friends with a girl who works in the children’s department and we were able to make an appointment with her to go through the entire store with us to find exactly what we were looking for. The majority of the items you will see in this post are included in the #Nsale but some are not. I will make sure those are clearly marked!

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Dress (Not included in #Nsale)

First up was dresses. There are several family weddings this Fall/Winter so I was on the hunt for a few perfect dresses. I fell in love with this dress last year when it was on sale but couldn’t get up the nerve to buy it. I am wearing a size 4 and there is even a little room left. I have also tried on the Purple and Rose Gold versions of this dress, but the Gold is my favorite so far!

File Jul 23, 9 10 01 PM

Dress (not included in #Nsale)

I knew that Paris would love this dress the minute I saw it. As soon as she put it on, she was sold. I think it is very her! She is also wearing a size 4.

File Jul 23, 9 10 13 PM

Dress (not included in #Nsale)

This dress…I can honestly say this was by far my favorite. Such a stunner and in my favorite color too! This is a size 4 and very tight!

File Jul 23, 9 11 25 PM

Dress (not included in #Nsale)

I am wearing a size 4 and it’s a little big. This dress was beautiful but not the right color for me.

File Jul 23, 9 11 39 PM

Dress (not included in #Nsale)

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this dress! It has just the right amount of shimmer, a little sequins on the top and one of my favorite features of any dress–pockets! I am also wearing a size 4 in this dress and it is TTS.

File Jul 23, 9 11 57 PM


It seems like everything thing is selling out this #Nsale. I fell in love with these booties and knew they would be perfectly paired with the last dress so my friend ordered them through Nordstrom. I was so excited! I got an email on Sunday morning however saying that due to low stock, they would not be able to fill my order. I will confess I am rather heart broken. If you can find these in the khaki size 10 in a store near you, I will pay you for them!

File Jul 23, 9 12 11 PM


This watch was one of my original picks when the sale started so I was excited to see it in person. I love how big the face is and the strap/face are a lot more brown than grey in real life!

File Jul 23, 9 12 24 PM

Little Girl Dress

My friend told me that everyone she showed this dress to bought it. I can totally believe that because I want it in my size! The sweater comes off and you end up with a light pink top that is attached to the tulle bottom. So this dress can go from Fall all the way into Spring. It comes in sizes 2-16.

File Jul 24, 7 03 49 AM


These little girl’s shoes are not included in the sale but aren’t they just to die for!? You all know how I feel about anything glitter related…especially on a shoe! Apparently these run about a half-size small.

File Jul 23, 9 12 42 PM


These little girl’s booties are included in the sale and they come in 3 colors!

File Jul 23, 9 13 12 PM

Black//Rose Gold//Gold & Gray

None of these are included in the sale but I am currently obsessing over the druzy Kendra Scott jewelry. I kind of want all of it!

File Jul 23, 9 13 29 PM

Druzy Earrings//Stone Earrings//Druzy Earrings

These are the earrings that match the above bracelets. Again, I want it all!

File Jul 23, 9 13 41 PM


This stunner was a favorite of Paris’s. It seems a lot smaller in person and is definitely not as intense as you would think.

File Jul 23, 9 17 40 PM


Another favorite of Paris’s that looks amazing with everything!

File Jul 23, 9 18 44 PM


These are all of the Kendra Scott bracelets that are on sale. I will be honest, I did not love them when I saw them on the website and probably wouldn’t have ever bought them. But I do love how they look in person!

File Jul 23, 9 19 45 PM


More of the same bracelet, but in the other colors,

File Jul 23, 9 20 00 PM


The matching Kendra Scott earrings. I wasn’t a fan of them online and I was not a fan of them in person either…

File Jul 23, 9 20 30 PM


This sweater was another one of my original picks. Paris fell in love with it. She is wearing a Petite size 6 (she sized up for extra length)

File Jul 23, 9 20 43 PM


I can’t say enough about these jeans. I have never been a fan of boyfriend jeans, I think they make my thighs look huge and I can never find the right combination of the waist fitting and the rest of them being too loose. But these are amazing. Everything fits perfectly in all of the right places. I am wearing a size 30 in this picture but I actually wear a 29 (they didn’t have my size in the store). This sweater is incredible and is so soft. It comes in a bunch of colors. I am wearing a size small.

File Jul 23, 9 21 18 PM


I had to wear something under this cardigan! I liked the color of this one but the shape was terrible. It didn’t sit very well on me and I feel like it would end up looking terrible after being washed once. I am wearing and XS.

File Jul 23, 9 21 38 PM


This sweater has been really popular with this sale. It is only available in the black, burgundy and army green now. I do love how it fits and the pockets are great. A much better pick than the one above.

I tried on a few other things but forgot to get pictures of them! We ended up shopping for almost 6 hours, with a lunch break early on. I haven’t shopped in a store for that long in a VERY long time. I don’t plan on doing it again anytime soon either! Be on the look out for a post with all of the items I purchased with reviews on each one, including why I returned some of them!

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