My Fairytale Baby Shower

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My sweet from Ashley from Mothering Essentials and her mom (who are just like family) threw the cutest Fairy Tale baby shower over the weekend. Ashley is amazing when it comes to parties, she really needs to do it for a living! I knew when she asked if I had a theme in mind that whatever she did would turn out so cute!

All of the food was gluten free, all the way down to the amazing brownies they made. I was in heaven. Ashley had a little table set up for when people walked in. There they could sign the guest book, take a picture with the cutest props she had made and write down their address on an envelope (which makes sending Thank You notes that much easier). We had so much fun playing with all of the props and putting the Polaroids in the guest book. I love that I will be able to go back and see all of the amazing people that came to shower our Baby Girl with love.

Ashley fully committed to the Fairy Tale theme, and made is very Disney, which she knows is my favorite! She even had Disney music playing in the background! I love the little touches she put throughout including the rose under the glass. I don’t know about you, but I am so excited about Beauty and the Beast coming out next month!

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