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As I mentioned yesterday, we moved a few weeks ago. This was our seventh (YES 7th) move in three years-thank you law school.

We will probably be moving again within the next two years but this was our biggest move so far. We have previously lived in fully or partially furnished apartments (or my parent’s house) so we haven’t really had  any furniture. I spent the last 6 months doing what I could get find us furniture that we would use, that I liked, that was also cheap. This was not the easiest task. I did inherit some pieces when my grandmother died that my parent’s have been holding onto so I did some DIY magic and turned them into fun new pieces. You can see the table to coffee table here and the couch rehab here. There are still a few more projects I am working on and I will share them with you as soon as they are done!

Anyway, when we finally had an apartment and a move in date, it was time to pack. I spent a lot of time packing. We moved up to my parent’s house in December so we could be closer to DC while The Husband did his externship for the final semester of law school. We didn’t want to rent a place for a few months since we didn’t know where we would end up after law school and my parents were generous enough to let us stay with them. When we moved in December, the majority of our stuff was packed and put into storage in my parent’s attic. So packing up the rest of the stuff wasn’t too hard, I just couldn’t remember what we had! It took awhile, and I might have given myself a few anxiety attacks but I was packed, prepped and organized by the time moving day came. I decided to treat the move as an event. I made assignments, I had stations, we even had food for everyone. Best idea ever.

Moving...Again | Breezing Through Moving...Again | Breezing Through Moving...Again | Breezing Through Moving...Again | Breezing Through

I did a head count at the end of the day and we had a total of 20 people, all friends and family, help us move. I couldn’t be more grateful to this awesome group. With all of their help, we were out of my parent’s house in into the apartment in under 2 hours! They really were incredible! One of my cousins came and we gave her my camera to document some of the day. I am so glad she did because  I don’t have pictures from any of our other moves.

Moving...Again | Breezing Through Moving...Again | Breezing Through Moving...Again | Breezing Through Moving...Again | Breezing Through Moving...Again | Breezing Through

Now I am in unpacking mode. The apartment is a mess, I can’t find things and I am realizing I need to buy a few things I didn’t anticipate (bookshelves). I can’t wait to show you all what it looks like when I am done though. I have some fun collaborations and giveaways that will be coming up associated with the apartment tour so get ready for that!

Thanks for reading along! I really do love sharing what is going on in our world and getting to know all of you better!

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  1. chelseajacobs
    September 30, 2015 / 2:13 pm

    Happy unpacking to you!

    • November 11, 2015 / 9:11 pm

      Thanks! It’s been almost two months and I am still unpacking

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