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Lace Dress//Necklace//Earrings//Watch//Shoes//Purse

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Floral Dress//Necklace//Earrings//Watch//Purse//Shoes

I was supposed to go to a conference for work this week. I had bought a few dresses to make sure I could fit into something. Out of no where, we had the worst/only snow storm we have had all winter. The conference was delayed and we decided it was better if I stayed behind in case we got stuck. I did want to share the dresses I bought so that if any of you are looking for maternity conference wear, you could see them!

You may recognize the blue lace dress, I also have it in burgundy. I love that this dress is works throughout every trimester. It stretches with you but is definitely a classic look. This is one of my favorite colors to wear too so it is a double win!

This floral dress is great for Spring. It is not ideal for 20 degrees and snow but I love it still the same. Like every other dress I have bought from Pink Blush, this dress can be worn as a maternity dress of or as a regular dress. I love how the blues stand out against the white.

I had been eyeing this purse from Sole Society for awhile. It fits my Macbook along with everything else I need in my purse and I love the color. It’s great for work and for running errands.

Due date is in two weeks, so baby girl could be here at any time!

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