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Maskcara Beauty Tools | Brushes 

I have to tell you that these are the best makeup brushes out there. They are on the more expensive side. But, they are INCREDIBLE! They were created by Cara for the Maskcara makeup so they are made specifically for cream foundation and the powders. So if you are on the fence about getting them, here is a little more info about them:

30 Second HAC Brush – this brush is so good. If you are looking for just ONE brush, this is the one you need. It can do everything you need and more.

Detail HAC Brush – this is a great brush if you are looking for a more detailed contour. The pointed end is really nice for contouring your nose.

B Squared Bronzer & Blush Brush– if you are looking for a fluffy brush, this is what you want. The powder side the very light and fluffy. The blush side is more dense and good for applying just the right amount of blush to where you want it.

Power Powder Brush – have you ever gotten powder all over your face when you were just trying to get it in a specific area? Then this brush is for you! Both sides of this brush are very dense and are designed to help you get powder right where you want it.

Multitasker Brush – this brush is AMAZING. It is great for doing eyebrows, eye makeup, and for covering up any spots on your face.

I Shadow Everything Brush –  I only added this brush to my collection recently and I can’t believe I waited so long! This brush is just what you need to do your eye makeup!



Maskcara Beauty Tools | Perfecter

There are two different perfecters, Raindrop and Cotton Candy. In reality they are the same perfecter, just different colors. I have used both. The pink one is a little fluffier than the blue one. That is the only difference between the two that I can find!



Maskcara Beauty Tools | Watch the Video

If you have any questions, please email me My artist number is 5091. You can buy all of the tools here.

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Maskcara Beauty Tools

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