Lunch at Tasty’s

Tasty's | Breezing Through-10

Tasty's | Breezing Through-4

Tasty's | Breezing Through-5

Tasty's | Breezing Through-3

Tasty's | Breezing Through-2

Tasty's | Breezing Through-1

Tasty's | Breezing Through-6

In what universe would you believe me when I told you that I ate at an old gas station and it was AMAZING!? We ate at Tasty’s in Fernandina Beach while we were in Flroida. Tasty’s is an amazing burger place. They even have bun-less burgers, which is great for those of us with wheat allergies. Paris had a salad, and she said it was really good. The fries were incredible, especially the sweet potatoes fries. If you are in the area, you NEED to eat here!

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