Taking Notes With Livescribe

Taking NotesWithLivescribe

Everyone takes notes differently. I know people know that type up all of their notes but I have to handwrite all of my notes. But they are not always legible to others…until I found Livescribe. Dan actually introduced Livescribe to me. He found it on his own and was planning on using it for work. I started looking into it and decided between school and work, I needed one of my own.

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I decided to go with Livescribe 3 Smart Pen Moleskin Edition. While it is a bit pricier, it does come with a Moleskin notebook and tool belt. I also got the 3 Subject Notebook for school. Dan had ordered a few of the sticky notes and shared a few with me.

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My first experience with my pen was for school. I recorded a lecture while I took my notes. To record something, you use the app to do what is called a “Pen Cast”. This is then associated with the notes you take during the same time. You can use the buttons on the page to pause, play and stop recording. You can also use the buttons to flag, star or tag a page.

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There are so many more features that go along with the 3 subject notebook, there is even a remote to help you figure out what they all are! The catch with this pen is that you have to use the LiveScribe paper for the recordings and notes to be captured. The notes are all captured within the LiveScribe App. You can then translate every line of notes into typed notes (so everyone can read it). You can store and share all of your notes and pen casts through Evernote, with your year long premium subscription that comes with your pen.

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When I was in Europe a few weeks ago, I had to study for a test I had the week I got back. I had already taken all of the notes I need to but I didn’t want to have to take my textbook and 3 subject notebook with me on the trip. Instead, I just took my phone. I was able to read through my notes and study for my test all on the LiveScribe app. I got an A on that test.

I have linked a bunch of the stuff from my office below, including a lot of the pictures from my gallery wall!

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