Leather Maternity Leggings








I decided early on in this pregnancy that while I always wanted to be comfortable, I would not sacrifice my style. I am very picky about my clothes and I refused to just wear work out clothes for my pregnancy (no judgement if that is what you did/are doing, I get it they are comfy!). I bought a pair of faux leather leggings from H&M a few years ago and I wear them every Winter (they are fleece lined so they get too hot during any other time of the year). I was so excited when I saw that H&M had a maternity pair of faux leather leggings. I knew that would be easy to wear, style and I would be comfy when I wore them. They are so easy to pair with a longer sweater and I love them with these boots. I found these boots at Forever 21 and I have been obsessed with them since I pulled them out of the box. They are comfy and have not lost their shape and the best part? They are under $50!! You can shop the entire look in the widget below.

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