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Layering 101 | Breezing Through

We left for a quick trip to Europe last night (after two days of cancelled flights!). We will be gone for the rest of the week, but don’t worry, I have some fun stuff planned for while I am gone. Growing up in the DC Metro Area (DMV for you locals), I mastered the art of layering at a young age. Sometimes you can leave for work in  20 degree weather and go home in 50 degree weather, all in the same day.

Pants: I swear by these H&M pants. I have them in 10 colors and they are the only pants I wear. They work for me, so I don’t deviate. Find the right kind of pants that work for you. Whether they are jeans you can wear with anything, leggings in 100 colors or the perfect skinny pant.

Button Down Shirt: I have a short torso in comparison to my extra long legs. I like to make my torso look longer with longer button down shirts, this makes layering a lot easier. It’s not easy to find a woman’s button down shirt that is long that isn’t also really baggy. I have found a cheat –J Crew Factory Men’s Slim Button Downs, in oxford & flannel. I usually wear a size 4-6 in shirts and I order these in a size small. They are the perfect length, tight enough to look good under a sweater and I can still wear them alone if I want.

Sweater: Oh there are so many options. I love the long sleeve J Crew Factory sweaters. The 3/4 sleeve J Crew Factory sweaters are great for Fall and Spring.  I also love the Old Navy Sweaters. Basic colors are best, I think. I own sweaters in black, blue, burgendy, camel, navy, green, pink, etc. This makes pairing them with button downs easier. I’m loving these, these and these.

Dress: In the Fall and Spring, I really like pairing a vest and a dress together. It’s a great way to make a dress a little more casual by also staying warm! I have this striped one, this striped one, and I love this solid one.

Top Layer: You have so many options for a top layer. Puffer vests, faux fur vests, jackets, longer cardigans. The list goes on. This one, this one and this one are some of my favorites.

Scarf: I love blanket scarfs. I know it’s really in right now to cut your blanket scarf in half, but I always end up using it as an actual blanket so my scarfs are all in tact. These are some of my favorites. Emily over at The Sweetest Thing has a great video on different ways to tie your scarves!

Boot Socks: I do not like boot cuffs. I know some people do, but I would rather have a whole sock to keep my foot and leg warm than just part of my leg warm. I LOVE Grace & Lace boot socks. They come in lots of colors and you are contributing to orphanages in India when you buy a pair!

When it comes to actually pairing things together, go with what is comfortable for you. I used to be very matchy when it came to picking what I was wearing. Now, I tend to deviate a little more and wear lots of different patters (thanks Nicole!). Apparently there aren’t rules any more when it comes to fashion so be adventerous! Here are a few examples of how I have put a few of my favorite outfits together.

Layering 101 | Breezing Through Layering 101 | Breezing Through Layering 101 | Breezing Through Layering 101 | Breezing ThroughLayering 101 | Breezing Through

How do you layer your clothes in the cooler months? Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to help!

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