Jumping on the Jumpsuit Train

Black Jumpsuit | Breezing Through-6

Black Jumpsuit | Breezing Through-5

Black Jumpsuit | Breezing Through-7

Black Jumpsuit | Breezing Through-8

Black Jumpsuit | Breezing Through-10

Black Jumpsuit | Breezing Through-11

Black Jumpsuit | Breezing Through-15

Jumpsuits have not been my favorite fashion trend. I never liked rompers (I feel like they ride up and show your butt off to the world) and being tall, I struggled to find a jumpsuit that worked for me. I never really bothered to try to find one though. I started to read about how comfy they are and how great they are for traveling. I am always down for a good black basic outfit to travel in so I figured why not give it a try.

I ordered SEVEN jumpsuits from different companies and finally decided on this one from Asos. I like that I can wear it in the Summer and transition it to Fall by adding a jacket. I can wear sandals or booties with it and it’s a winner. I LOVE the material. One of the best features about it is that is has pockets! I find that most women’s clothing either don’t have pockets or they have totally useless pockets. The pockets on this jumpsuit go the length of the hem so they are really deep! I have not traveled in it yet but I will be sure to let you all know what I think once I do!

Pictures by Emma Juneau Photo

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