Flying with Etihad Airways

Flying With Etihad Airways | Breezing Through

A few weeks ago I went to Jordan for a quick business trip to scout out a location for the next event I am planning. While this was a pretty short trip (6 days with only 4 days of actual time on the ground) I’m going to split this up into multiple posts. There is just so much that happened and too many pictures to cram it all into one post! So I am going to start out with the flight there. When flying to the Middle East, my mom and I tend to fly business class. When you are spending 12-15 hours on a plane and you need to land ready to work, it’s worth the extra money to be able to get some sleep and be comfortable on the way there. The best airline when flying to the Middle East is hands down Etihad Airways. We recently became Gold Card members through their Etihad Guest program and that was the best decision ever. Etihad has the best business class seats and the best food. Their business class seats are lay flats, and more than 6 feet long! They are even secluded so you don’t feel like people are creeping on you when you are sleeping. The food is the best airplane food I have ever had. And it’s pretty much on demand. You can eat, take a nap, wake up and ask for a bowl of ice cream. Etihad is also the best deal for your money. Trust me, I have shopped and compared. They have the best prices and are very worth it. We had booked business class seats for this trip. When you fly business class on Etihad, they will come pick you up and take you to the airport (in participating cities). When we got to the counter to check in, we were given boarding passes with seat assignments that did not match the seats we had booked. We were told it was because business had been overbooked and we were eligible for an upgrade to first class. I almost died. We then went to the amazing Etihad lounge and waited for our flight to board. A few minutes before boarding, we were brought new boarding passes. Our seats had been changed to first class! We were psyched!

Flying With Etihad Airways | Breezing Through

My first class seat

Dress: SexyModest Boutique (old, similar)//Sweater: H&M//Belt:Old Navy (old, similar)//Watch: Michael Kors (still on sale at Nordstrom!)

We got on the plane and got settled. The flight attendants were so amazing! The seats are so spacious and you basically have your own room. Once you’ve eaten your meal made for you by the in-flight chef (totally serious) the flight attendants come and MAKE YOUR BED! You then can watch about 100 different movies/tv shows/video games on the huge tv and fall asleep at your leisure! I think I slept about 8 out of the 12 hours of that flight. And ate for all 4 of the hours I was awake. My mom and I had two seats together so we basically had a slumber party the entire time!

Flying With Etihad Airways | Breezing Through

My first class bed

Once we landed in Abu Dhabi we were escorted to the lounge to wait the 4 hours until our next flight. At this point I was very disoriented and had no idea what day it was. But there is a spa in the Etihad Lounge and I got a hot stone foot massage. Again, AMAZING service!

Flying With Etihad Airways | Breezing Through

Purse: Kate Spade Outlet

At about 12:50 am local time we were taken to our plane to Jordan. The flight boarded on the tarmac but seeing as we were in business class, we got to board first. Again, once we were seated, the flight attendants spoiled us! The flight to Jordan was only 3 hours which after that first flight was nothing. We landed at 3:30 am local time and went to go find the driver for the car we had arranged to pick us up. After a panicking moment of not being able to find the driver, we were whisked away to the Dead Sea, where the hunt for a venue began.

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