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I have very sensitive skin which makes buying a watch difficult. I will react to anything that isn’t stainless steel or a non-metal material. I have even found that some of the watches I have bought that were labeled as stainless steel, were really only metal that was coated with stainless steel. This has caused a few allergic reactions.

Jord Wood Watch | Breezing Through 3

On my trip to Europe last week, I wore this watch every day. I wanted to experiment as to how I would react to this watch. I can say that after a week, my sensitive skin has given its approval of this watch. After several flights, lots of different weather and temperatures, my skin didn’t break out once. I had people stop me on the street and in the airports a few times to tell me how cool they thought my watch was.

Jord Wood Watch | Breezing Through 4

Jord Wood Watch | Breezing Through 6

I love the look of this watch. It is a beautiful wood that is a deep red. It is so different from any other watch I have,and it goes with everything.

Jord Wood Watch | Breezing Through
Jord Wood Watch | Breezing Through 1
 Jord Wood Watches has so many different styles and colors when it comes to watches. You can see their selection here. Is there one that you love?

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