Why I Joined Maskcara Beauty

Why I Joined Maskcara Beauty | Breezing Through

Why I Joined Maskcara Beauty | I Was Already Using It

I have talked about this a lot, but I have been using Maskcara Beauty products since 2014. I was drawn to how everything fit into a small compact and it was easy for me to take with me when I was traveling. Once I started using it, I was hooked. It was easy to use and I felt like it gave me great coverage.

My first compact that I bought went all over the world with me. I loved that I could fit the compact in a pocket of my suitcase or purse. I did two different reviews on how much I love the the makeup and how great it is for coverage.

Why I Joined Maskcara Beauty | Deciding to Join

When I found out that Maskcara Beauty had gone to direct sales I was tempted to join. But I had just joined another direct sales company and I didn’t want to do two companies at the same time. I was also not loving my experience with the first company so I didn’t think I wanted to do direct sales again.

In February of 2017, I was given the opportunity to join Maskcara. I put it off. I waited until September to join. So it took me 7 months to finally make the decision to join. I watched friends join Maskcara and love it. They were helping other women look beautiful and having fun while doing it. They were also making money. After sitting on the opportunity for 7 months, I decided it was time to stop messing around and to join!

I joined because I love the company, the product and it is a great side hustle. I have been able to help so many women feel beautiful and find a makeup that works for them.


Why I Joined Maskcara Beauty | Watch the Video


If you have any questions, please email me breezingthroughblog@gmail.com. My artist number is 5091.

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