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Join Maskcara Beauty | Breezing Through

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Join Maskcara Beauty | Are You Ready?

Join Maskcara Beauty | Breezing Through

You have been watching my videos, you have seen the makeup, you may have even bought the makeup. Now you are interested in becoming an artist. Are you ready?

It took me 7 month to be ready. I have been using this makeup for 4 years and it still took me that long to commit to become an artist. I wasn’t in the right head space. I didn’t want to spend the money. Guess what? I should have signed up back in January!

Do you have time for this? Can you commit to being an artist with EVERYTHING else you have going on in your life? Just to give you some perspective, here is a little of peek at my life. I work full time. I take Jackie to work with me every day, so I am a full time mom too. I blog 3 days a week. I maintain all of the social media accounts associated with my blog so that posts go up daily. I cook & clean & do the laundry. And in addition, I am a Maskcara Independent Artist. And I am making money. So it’s up to you.


Join Maskcara Beauty | Why Join?

Join Maskcara Beauty | Breezing Through


Yes, Maskcara Beauty is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. Yes, you get commissions off of customers orders and your team. No, I do not get a commission for you signing up! What I love about this company is that it is so different than any other MLM out there. Cara, the founder, decided to keep the parts of MLMs that she loved and to get rid of the rest. Commissions are high, especially in comparison to other MLMs. The focus is more on selling the products, not as much on building a team. The purpose of the company is to make women see their true beauty, both inside and outside.

I don’t carry any product. All purchases go through the company website, so corporate fills all of the orders. Basically being an artist means being a customer service rep, but you get to do it with a bunch of other amazing women. The other incredible thing is that there are only about 5,000 Maskcara Independent Artists worldwide. Talk about ground floor! Becoming a Maskcara Artist is not “cheap”. You do have the one time purchase of your kit and then $10 a month to maintain your replicated website. You can check out mine here. We don’t buy each other’s kits as incentives to sign up.

Training comes from Cara, the founder, every week. She is involved with the Artists and listens to what we ask for. She relies on us to find out what the customers are asking for. And she actually follows through with it.  She wants our input and values it. Nothing beats that.


Join Maskcara Beauty | How to Join

Step 1: Head over to the Maskcara Beauty website. Search for An Artist using my number 5091.

Step 2: Decide which kit you want. Both the Basic Kit and the Pro Kit come with the Essentials Kit (which includes all of the marketing materials). The items that you receive in the Basic & Pro kits are based on what is in stock when you order, you will receive a variety of items (no two kits are the same!).

Join Maskcara Beauty | Breezing Through

Step 3: Agree to Distributor Join Agreement

Step 4: Provide your information and choose the name of your site!

Step 5: Let’s get started! I am so excited if you have decided to join my team! I have a lot of fun things going on and some even more fun things planned.

If you have any questions, please email me My artist number is 5091.


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