It’s A…


I am so excited to announce that we are expecting a girl!!

I am much to impatient to have waited to find out the sex of this baby. I wanted to know the minute I found out we were expecting. So we went to an ultrasound place nearby that guarantees the sex of the baby at 14 weeks. It was actually a really nice experience. We only wanted to see the baby in 2D, I am not a fan of how the 3D and 4D images look (kinda creepy). The staff was running a little behind so when it was finally our turn, they were really great with us and did a few extra 3D images and even gave us a recording of the heart beat. This little girl is a stubborn one. She is very active, constantly kicking and moving around. She was not willing to cooperate at first when the tech tried to get the images. Eventually little one cooperated and we were able to see that she is definitely a she! We did also have the mid-pregnancy anatomy ultrasound recently, which again confirmed that its a girl.


We wanted to tell all of the families at the same time, which was complicated since we live near my family, my brother lives in Utah and The Husband’s family live in Montana and Idaho. We gathered everyone together after the ultrasound at my parent’s house to surprise them. Since we already knew, I stuffed a piñata full of pink candy. We got all of the Husband’s family together on Google Hang Outs. I wish we had gotten pictures but we were so caught up in getting everyone together and on chat! Everyone was excited when we finally opened the piñata and pink candy/confetti came out. A few family members thought that maybe it was a boy but the general consensus was that it was a girl, so there really wasn’t a ton of surprise.

I knew at about 10 weeks that it was a girl. Call it mother’s intuition. We are planning on naming her after my grandmother who passed almost eight years ago. She and I were very close and I took it really hard when she died. I always knew I wanted to name my first daughter after her and luckily The Husband was on board. I feel like my grandmother is sending me this little girl. She has a purpose, and I hope I am able to help her fulfill that purpose and make my grandmother proud.


Aren’t these dresses adorable!? I tried so hard to hold off on buying anything baby related until I knew the sex for sure. I did buy a few stuffed animals and some bedding but was able to hold off on some clothes. Now that I know for sure that there is a little girl on the way, I have been going a little crazy buying things…

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