iPad Mini vs. Lenovo

iPad Mini vs. Lenovo | Breezing Through

For my last big conference, I got a Lenovo tablet. It was to help me with registration, agenda updates, staying in touch with my team and having constant access to my email. We decided not to get iPads since this was a first time event and we needed lots of tablets and our budget wasn’t that big. Looking back, this was not the best idea. I recently was able to get an iPad mini for my next event and I am really excited. I feel like it is a much better tablet. So I wanted to do a little comparison so you all could see the difference between the two!

Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet P1 (64 GB)


First off, I am not a fan of Windows operating systems. So that was a huge upgrade for me! I also love that the iPad mini is 18 oz (OMG that’s a lot) lighter than the Lenovo. That is a huge difference when you are lugging a tablet around all day long.

iPad Mini vs. Lenovo | Breezing Through


The lesson from this experience was to always go with Apple product. In my mind, they make some of the best tablets out there.

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