Introducing Dan

I have spent a little time thinking about this and I have decided that I will be adding contributors to the blog! I think this will be a great way for you the reader to experience more of the travels of the people I work with and you will get to experience their unique insights!

The first guest blogger I am introducing is Dan. You may recognize him, he has shown up in a few pictures here before.

Introducing Dan | Breezing Through

Dan is the family foodie. He spent a semester of college in Europe so he can give you a recommendation for a place to stay and a place to eat for pretty much anywhere. For places he hasn’t been, Dan watches a lot of Anthony Bourdain and keeps all of that information in his brain. One of my favorite stories is my Dad was on a trip to England with some colleagues. They were in Oxford and looking for somewhere to eat. They had no idea what would be good so my Dad suggested calling Dan. Dan asked where exactly they were in Oxford, as in the street corner. After a minute, Dan suggested The Eagle and Child Pub which was only one block away. According to my Dad, that was the best fish and chips he has ever had. Dan has repeated this on countless occasions.

Dan will be contributing to the blog based on his travel schedule. Please leave comments or shoot me an email if you have any questions for him!

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