How to Travel With Thick Hair

How To Travel With Thick Hair | Breezing Through

I have been blessed (or cursed depending on the day) with very thick hair. Right now it is really long too, half way down my back. I’m not sure what you would call my hair texture other kind of wavy. If I let me hair dry naturally it will dry wavy but the waves won’t hold all day. I think that has something to do with living in constant humidity!

Having so much hair can make traveling a bit more complicated. I have never really been that great at styling my hair or getting it to stay in any way that I style it. Braids don’t really work and up dos don’t stay up. So I have come up with a few tricks when it comes to traveling with thick hair.

1) Dry shampoo is your best friend. I have learned to style my hair (blow drying and straightening) in the morning and that night applying dry shampoo. Yes, apply the dry shampoo at night. You can see a HUGE difference! That way when I wake up in the morning I don’t have to do my hair again. And it looks like I am all put together! It saves a ton of time and it also saves my hair from the extra heat! Right now I am loving Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo.

How To Travel With Thick Hair | Breezing Through

2) Sock buns are the best. I know everyone is into messy top knots and curly locks. But a simple sock bun is the best accessory to travel with. I am actually kind of lame, but I use a real sock, instead of one you can buy from the store. I grabbed a sock that had lost it’s mate and cut off the toes. I then rolled it so it looked like a donut. I take that thing everywhere with me! Once I have washed my hair, I put my hair into a tight ponytail at the top of my hair. The whole look is better if you comb your hair with your fingers. I then put the ponytail through the center of the sock bun donut and start rolling from the tips of my hair. I keep rolling until all of my hair is rolled into the sock bun. I then tuck all stray hairs into the bun and viola! I love this because it is such a put-together look that requires about 5 minutes of effort! I have so many people ask me why I am so dressed up when I do my hair like this, which is the best compliment in my book!

How To: Sock Bun | Breezing Through

3) Go natural. Whenever I get a chance, I let my hair air dry. With all of the traveling, water changes, shampoo changes, styling heat, etc., my hair can get really damaged. I like giving my hair a break and letting it be itself. After I wash my hair, I comb through with my fingers to make sure my hair looks decent. Then I spray Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray in and I am all done! Depending on where I am, it can take anywhere between 1-4 hours for my hair to dry all the way but when I am vacationing it is totally worth it!

How To: Natural Waves | Breezing Through

I am no where close to perfecting how to travel with my crazy hair but I think I am getting there! Here are some similar products to the ones I use, travel size of course!

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