How to stay safe when traveling

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Traveling anywhere new can be scary. You don’t know the city, you usually don’t know any people and you don’t know the culture. But there are some really easy ways to stay safe when you are traveling.

1) Have a travel buddy. If you are traveling in a group, pick someone to be your travel buddy for the duration of the trip. You will be keeping track of each other the entire trip to make sure it is someone you like spending time with! Having a travel buddy is a great way to make sure everyone in the group is together and even allows you to split up from your group while still having a buddy.

How to Stay Safe When You Travel | Breezing Through

2) Keep your valuables close. I usually keep my wallet and ID in a cross-body bag that I keep in front of me at all times. I always know where my bag is and I am always on the lookout for pick pockets! You can also buy one of these cool scarves from Speak Easy Supply Co., where you can carry your passport and money in a hidden pocket! You can even order a custom fabric!

Galway Scarf W/ Hidden Pocket-Speak Easy Supply Co | Breezing Through

3) Protect your passport! So apparently it is now a thing for people to try to steal your identity by scanning your passport. There are lots of ways to do this and one easy way to prevent it. Go and get an RFID passport sleeve and you can easily protect yourself from digital identify theft! Here are a couple I am looking at:

Leather Rfid Passport Sleeve Tan-Flight 101 | Breezing Through


TravelSmith RFID-Blocking Nylon Passport Wallet | Breezing Through


Lewis N. Clark RFID-Blocking Passport Wallet | Breezing Through








4) Plan out your day. Even if you are going to be exploring a new place for several hours, give yourself a time to get back to your hotel or check in with someone else. If other people know where you are, someone will know if you don’t check in! It never hurts to have a guidebook when you are prepping for your trip! Here are a few great ones from Flight 001:

Citix60 Guide Barcelona-Flight 001 | Breezing Through 36 Hours Europe- Flight 001 | Breezing Through Luxe Guide Hong Kong - Flight 001 | Breezing Through Rome Moods & Places Map- Flight 001 | Breezing Through








How do you stay safe you when you travel?



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