How to Pack Your Jewelry for Traveling

Everyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE accessories. Especially sparkly jewelry. A lot of the jewelry I have is bulky which makes it a little harder to pack to go with me on trips. I refuse to go anywhere without my bling though, so I have found some of the best stuff to pack my jewelry in.

How to Pack Your Jewelry for Traveling- Breezing Through

(Clockwise from top left)Necklace: The Fox’s Tail//Earrings:Loopsway//Necklace: Our World Boutique//Necklace: Apple of My Eye Jewelry//Earrings: Brighton //Necklace:Dear Ruby

Samantha Brown is a travel host on the Travel Channel. She has traveled all over the world for her career and has learned how to pack while doing it. In 2011, she launched her luggage line with the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and oh my goodness it is amazing! I have several of her luggage pieces, which I will do more posts on later.

I ended up buying the Samantha Brown First Class Collection Mini Croco-Embossed Jewelry Kit in the light blue (they don’t sell that color anymore that I can find). Let me tell you, it has been one of the most amazing little things I have ever purchased! It is so versatile and I can take all of my jewelry with me.

How to Pack Your Jewelry for Traveling- Breezing Through

The entire case is pretty big to take on most of my trips, I don’t usually need that much space. But when I go on longer trips, like when I am doing an event, the entire case is perfect and sits really nicely at the top of my carry on.

How to Pack Your Jewelry for Traveling- Breezing Through

The really awesome thing about this case, is that it comes apart! The five bags in the bottom of the bag all Velcro to the bottom and will stay in place if I am taking the entire thing with me. But if I only need a few of the bags, I can pull them right out and put them straight into my carry on. Of the five little bags, there are three different kinds. There is one bag that has a solid top, nice for keeping pricier pieces in, with a space on top to hold my rings. There are two more bags that have a see through top so I can see what I am carrying in them. The last two bags have a mesh top which lets my jewelry breathe a little!

Even when I pack my jewelry in the Samantha Brown case, I like to keep it all separated so that it doesn’t get tangled while I’m moving it around. Over the years, I have kept all of the bags that my jewelry has come in. Some of these bags are the cute fabric bags you get at some stores, while others are just the cheap plastic bags the jewelry came in. Any of these bags are perfect for keeping jewelry separated and from tangling, which no one likes.

How to Pack Your Jewelry for Traveling- Breezing Through

As you can see, my jewelry fits really nicely into the Samantha Brown case and it is so easy to travel with. Since the bags are so small, they fit into the smallest spaces in my suitcase.

How to Pack Your Jewelry for Traveling- Breezing Through

If you sign up to receive emails from HSN, you will receive 15% your next purchase! I hope you enjoyed this! Please let me know what kinds of posts you would like to see. Thanks for reading!

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Disclaimer: This post is in no way endorsed by Samantha Brown, the Travel Channel or HSN.


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