How to Pack a Carry-On

The question I get the most is how I pack everything into my carry-on bags. I was trained from a very young age not to check baggage (unless it is unavoidable). Over the years I have mastered how to pack. My husband calls it playing Tetris and will sometimes hum the song when I am packing.

I am going to show you how I pack 12 days worth of clothes into one piece of luggage. I will show you every single step, so you know I am actually packing all of the stuff I show you! I will also try to link everything to where I got it from. Let’s get started!

First off, I have recently discovered these Eagle Creek packing cubes, which I talked about yesterday. I have used a lot of different kinds of packing cubes in the past, and these are probably my favorite. They are easy to manipulate, light weight and hold all of my stuff!



Black Sweater:J Crew Factory // Red Sweater: J Crew Factory //Dress: Gap (sold out)// Dress: Old Navy //Blue Dress: J Crew Factory // Blazer: Forever 21 // Sequins Tank: J Crew Factory // Plaid Shirt: J Crew Factory // Blue Sweater: J Crew Factory //Black Pants: J Crew Factory// Blue Pants: H&M //Green Pants: H&M// Chambray Shirt: Forever 21 // Pink Shirt: C Wonder (sold out) // Top: Nordstrom // Shoes: Keds //Shoes: Ecco // Shoes: kate spade new york  (sold out)// Shoes: Sperry’s (similar) //Shirt: Banana Republic

Gray Dress: J Crew Factory// Pink Dress: kate spade new york (sold out) // Lace Dress: Victoria Farnsworth // Blue Dress: Nordstrom

So now you can see that all of the above clothes have been folded nicely and I placed them in front of each bag they went in. They were put into each bag in the same piles I have shown above.


Of course there is the all necessary flat iron, hair brush, curling iron and all of the other extra things we need to travel with! Here is the final product!

How to Pack a Carry-On | Breezing Through How to Pack a Carry-On | Breezing Through

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