How to Get An Expedited Passport

How To Get An Expedited Passport | Breezing Through

Right after I got married, I found out I would be going to the UK for work. I was in the process of changing my name (which is not an easy or fast process in the States) so I was going to need to change my name on my passport. My passport was about a year away from expiring anyway so the timing was perfect. The only problem was I would need the new passport in less than a month and the wait time listed on the US Department of State’s website was 3-4 weeks. I’m not sure what your experiences have been, but I have never had a passport processed in that short of a time period. So I looked into getting an expedited passport.

According to the US Department of State website, the wait time for an expedited passport was still 2-3 weeks. I didn’t think that the time estimate was accurate so I went hunting for another option. I came across Visa HQ, which is a company that specializes in expediting visas and passports. Their prices range from $59 to $199 depending on how many days you want to wait.

I was a bit nervous about sending my passport application to a company that was not the Department of State. I was worried it wouldn’t get there, my passport/identity would be stolen (all the things a crazy paranoid person starts worrying about!). I went through the process anyway and expedited my passport for 2-3 business days. I submitted all of the paperwork and then waited.

It really only took about 5 business days from start to finish! Once I got my passport in the mail, I knew I had made the right decision.

There are a few other companies out there that will expedite your passport application for you. They usually work with the Department of State and act as your advocate in expediting the process. If you are in a rush to get your passport, expediting the process through one of these companies is definitely worth it! | Breezing Through VisaHQ | Breezing Through | Breezing Through TraVisa | Breezing Through


Once you have your passport, you may need a visa-depending on where you are traveling. Be sure to check back tomorrow on how to get a visa!

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