How to Build an Amazing Wedding Registry 

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After being married for 4.5 years, moving 7 times and having a baby, I was looking back at things we registered for. I feel like a lot of people don’t really know how to build an amazing wedding registry that is going to benefit them the most. So I rounded up all of the do’s and don’ts for you in one place!

Picking where you are going to register is important. I would suggest one high end store (Williams Sanoma, Pottery Barn) and one lower end place (Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon). I highly suggest Amazon or Target over Bed, Bath and Beyond. You can get food and other groceries from Target and Amazon with gift cards. Don’t pick more than 2 places though! This can cause confusion with your guests and you will also end up duplicating registries, which no one likes. It can also be difficult to cancel your registries after the fact if you have too many registries. We registered with Pottery Barn and Target and I loved our experiences with both of them. Be sure to research which companies give the best completion discounts and how long they last.

Start off with the things you really need. If you are in need of a KitchenAid or Pyrex containers or a crockpot, then you need to register for those things. But register for things you will actually use. After we got married, we moved 7 times in three years. Every time we moved, I went through everything and got rid of the things we hadn’t been using. You can only use so much Pyrex and you definitely don’t need 10 huge cutting boards.

Here are some items you should register for, if you don’t already have them. You can click on the images directly or you can go to my descriptions at the bottom. On some items, I am not picky about brands but I will specify if you need to get a specific brand!

Kitchen Appliances

1.FARBERWARE Non-stick Electric Skillet: I have only ever found this at Walmart. I bought it a few years ago and I don’t know how I lived without it. It is much better than a regular skillet. The sides make it easy to cook in and and awesome stove replacement.

2.Brita Grand 10 Cup Water Pitcher: I think having a water filter pitcher is necessary no matter where you live. It is a great way to keep cold water in your fridge all of the time and it keeps your water clean!

3.KitchenAid® 5-Speed Hand Mixer: Even if you have a stand alone Kitchen Aid, you need one of these. If you don’t want to pull out the Kitchen Aid to make something small or you are just make mashed potatoes, this appliance is very handy.

4.Oster® DuraCeramic 6 Cup Rice Cooker: Being gluten free, we eat a lot of rice. I love our little rice cooker. Ours is only 4 cups and it does just fine but I feel like when this baby girl gets older we may need to upgrade to a large size. I love that it only takes about 15 minutes for the rice to cook and I don’t have to worry about watching it.

5.Sunbeam® 2-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster: If you don’t have a toaster already, it is time to be a grown up and get one…

6.Crock-Pot® 6 Qt. Programmable Cook & Carry™ Slow Cooker: We registered for a regular Corck-Pot but I wish I had gotten this one. This is perfect for when you both work out of the house and you want to have dinner ready when you get home!

7.George Foreman 5-Serving Removable Plate Grill: This is The Husband’s pick of the best item we registered for. We use is several times a week. Living in an apartment, we have never had a grill. So we can cook anything on this thing. It works as a panini press and as a grill. If only it was dishwasher safe!

8.Magic Bullet Blender 11pc Set:This is perfect for people on the go. I used ours the first year we were married to make my own peanut butter.

9.KitchenAid® Ultra Power Plus 4.5 Qt Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

10.Black & Decker BL3000S 750-Watt 4-Speed Die-Cast Metal Blender: With my current smoothie kick, I am so glad we have this one! It is easy to use and gets the job done. You can read all about my favorite smoothie recipes here.

Kitchen Tools

1.Pyrex Measuring Cup Set 3 piece: I feel like this is a no brainer but I also know that people don’t always think about this one. Having different sized glass measuring cups is a kitchen essential. You will use them for everything. We have three and I wish I had registered for more!

2.Select by Calphalon™ 20 Piece Utensil Set: I love that this set has pretty much everything you need when it comes to all of the utensils. I hated having to register for individual pieces and really wish I had found this when I was getting married.

3.Rachael Ray Porcelain Enamel Aluminum Nonstick 14 piece Cookware Set: Everyone needs pots and pans. I am not saying that this is the end all brand, but it is a good one. These come in lots of colors and it turns out they move really well!

4.Pyrex 6 Piece Bake N’ Storage Value Pack: Oh bake ware. If you have been around for awhile, you already know that I have replaced all of my bake ware with Polish Pottery. You can read all about that here. But you do need bake ware!

5.Ebony Oven Mitt And Pot Holder Kitchen Textile Set (3 Pack) – Room Essentials™: You will collect these over time but if you don’t already have a nice set, register for them!

6.BakerEze Nonstick 10 Piece Baker’s Basics Set: If you are a baker, this is necessary. I even use our cookie sheets to make cheese fries, more on that in an upcoming post!

7.Farberware Cutlery-Stainless Steel 15 Piece Knife Block Set: Knife blocks are the best, right? I love the one we got as a wedding present because it has a built in knife sharpener. Ours is from KitchenAid.

8.Pyrex Smart Essentials Mixing Bowl Set 8 piece: Again, another essential, but I have replaced ours with Polish Pottery and I love them so much more!

9.KitchenAid® Apple Wedger: I did not register for this. I didn’t think it was necessary. But this year my in-laws gave us one and know I don’t know what I did without it.

10.OXO Softworks Grater: This is one of those items that you are either going to use all of the time or you are going to use every now and then, but you do need it no matter what.

11.Kitchenaid¨ Pizza Wheel Stainless Steel Black Handle: Let’s admit it, we all eat frozen pizza. You need one of these. I did not register for this and we have one that I picked up at a conference (so cute I know!).


1.Oggi 8 Piece Round Airtight Glass Canister and Spice Jar Set with Stainless Steel Lids: I love our glass jars. It is so much easier to see what is in each jar and what I am running low on. You can see how I organized our pantry using them here.

2.Perry Wastebasket: I registered for these and I LOVE THEM! I think we ended up with 4 of them and I love the color, how well they hold up and how pretty they look. They don’t look like a normal trash can so they fit the atheistic of our home really well.

3.8-Cube Organizer Shelf 13″ – Threshold™: This was not on our registry but we received some Bed Bath & Beyond gift cards so I deiced to get it. I am so glad that I did. This piece has been used in every place we have lived and is now in Baby Girl’s nursery.

4.Beachcomber Lidded Basket: I registered for and bought a lot of baskets from Pottery Barn when we got married. The Husband thought I was ridiculous and made so much fun of me. Now that we have all of the baskets, he gets it. This one is great for under a coffee table or just in a corner as a statement piece that has a use!

5.Jacquelyne Lidded Barrel Basket: I love this one. I love that it is different and a fun shape. This is also now in Baby Girl’s nursery.

6.Pyrex 18 piece Storage Set: These are more kitchen related but you do need these. They are great for leftovers and for taking them to work.

7.Havana Tote Basket: This basket is in our family room and holds all of our blankets. It looks pretty and is really big. I have a feeling it will eventually be regulated to a toy basket.

8.Perry Divided Hamper & Liner: Paris loved this one so much when I got it from my registry that she went out and bought it herself. Just like the trash cans, it doesn’t look like a normal laundry hamper and honestly is just makes me happy.

9.Havana Recycling Bin: So for some reason this is labeled as a recycling bin but I found that it is perfect for documents and general storage. I kept all of my files in these when we lived in our first apartment and I loved how they looked.


1.Taylor Matelasse Duvet Cover & Sham: I am working on a blog post about our bed. I recently made the switch to all white bedding and I am so in love with how it turned out. This duvet cover is the one we have and even The Husband loves it.

2.Modern Wood Look Easel Mirror: Everyone needs a mirror in their bedroom. This one is a good quality and isn’t too expensive.

3.Hydrocool™ Down-Alternative Duvet Insert: Clearly you need an insert for your duvet. This is not the one we have, I bought ours from Groupon, but I am sure it is great!

4.Savannah Underbed Baskets: I wish I had registered for these. I ended up buying plastic under bed bins and they are ugly and drive me crazy.

5.Brush Vanity Storage: This is great if you need a fresh start with your dresser organization.

6.Tray with Mirror Vanity Storage: This has storage and a mirror so it would be perfect for any vanity.

If you have made it all the way to the bottom of this post, you are amazing! I know that was a lot of information but hopefully this will be helpful in planning your wedding and creating your registry!

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