How I Chose My Diaper Bags

How I Chose My Diaper Bags-1

How I Chose My Diaper Bags-2

How I Chose My Diaper Bags-3

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How I Chose My Diaper Bags-6

How I Chose My Diaper Bags-4


Yes I decided on more than one diaper bag. If you really know me, this shouldn’t be that big of a surprise considering my purse obsession…

Kate Spade Bag

This one was actually a gift from Paris. You all know about my Kate Spade New York addiction by now so this was perfect for me. I love that it is nylon so it can be wiped down but is also classic black so it goes with EVERYTHING!

Tote Savvy Insert

I found this on Black Friday and knew that I needed it for this baby. While I do have two diaper bags, I also wanted to be able to use some of my bigger purses instead of one of the diaper bags. This insert is perfect for that. It does come in two sizes so you can get the smaller one too. I love the insulated bottle pocket as well as the covered pocket for dirty clothes or diapers.

Fawn Design Bag

I waited a long time for this bag. Fawn Design diaper bags are in high demand and not easy to get your hands on. As of now, they come in Black, Brown, Gray and Blush. They have announced that they will be doing another blush restock in March or April and will also be announcing two new Spring colors. When I first saw this bag, I knew that it would be a perfect diaper bag. The color is perfect for the Spring and Summer, it his actually HUGE and it also can be a over the shoulder or a back pack for hands free! I love all of the pockets inside of it, which makes staying organized a lot easier.

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