Holiday Gift Guide for Your Best Friend


I want to start off by saying that this post is NOT sponsored. These are just all things I think would make great gifts for your best friends, or even something to put on your own list. I have tried every single one of these items, so they all come highly recommended.


There is nothing better than a pair of comfy/cozy holiday PJs. I have had to search high and low for ones that will work during second and third trimesters, and H&M has an excellent selection for a good price point!


You can’t go wrong with Kendra Scott. There are so many options and literally anyone can wear her pieces and it will still look classic. Paris bought my 4 year old cousin a charm necklace that she loves and my grandmother bought herself a Raina necklace that she wears all of the time. I love the variety of Kendra Scott and the pieces last!


If you have been following my social media and this blog long enough, you already know about my obsession with Kaitlin Kendall Designs. I love the quality of Kat’s bows and she is always coming up with something new and different. She is also very open to custom orders, so don’t be afraid to reach out to her!


Dream BIG Sparkle MORE Shine BRIGHT – Coffee Mug//Glitter Is My Favorite Color – Coffee Mug//Personally Victimized By My Toddler – Coffee Mug//Planner Girl Uncensored – Coffee Mug

I love my mugs from Ashley Brooke Boutique. She has the two shorter ones in stock but the other two were custom made. Another great place to get something unique for your best friend that no one else will have!

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